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WADA’s Anti-Doping Education and Learning Platform (ADEL) is the centralized platform offering educational solutions for athletes, coaches, medical professionals, Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) practitioners, researchers, and other members of the clean sport community. It was originally launched in January 2018.


The ADEL is a great self-learning tool to help you understand anti-doping concepts and solutions. As part of the education plan, athletes and athlete support personnel are encouraged to utilize this platform to support anti-doping activities.

  • Setting Up your ADEL!

  • Athletes` Resources

  • Coaches` Resources

  • Medics` Resources

  • Resources for the Athlete Support Personnel

Setting Up your ADEL!

Setting up your ADEL account will be necessary for you to access the modules, webinars and other materials in ADEL. Watch the video to learn how.

FOR MOBILE: Search for the ADEL app on your play store or app store and download the app.

FOR PC: Type in the URL:

1. On the log-in page, click “REGISTER” (as a regular user).

2. Fill out the necessary details and enter.

3. Once you have registered, log in using your credentials.

4. FIrst-time users will go through some introductory pages and tutorials on how to use ADEL.

Athletes` Resources

A. ADEL for International-Level and National-Level Athletes Education 

This 13-part module gives athletes information about the dangers of doping and the importance of doping control procedures and guidelines while promoting positive attitudes to avoid doping.


B. ADEL for Talented Athletes Education

This 8-part education module focuses on clean sport and values of talented athletes and their role in the growth and promotion of anti-doping in their sport and team.


C. Play True Quiz

Test your knowledge of anti-doping through this app. Download the app here or play through this link

Coaches` Resources

ADEL for High-Performance Coaches’ Education

This 10-part educational module primarily focuses on the responsibilities and importance of coaches of all skill levels for promoting an anti-doping culture among teams.

Medics` Resources

ADEL for Medical Professionals at Major Games

This course focuses on the specific knowledge required of medical professionals such as sport physicians attending major sporting events and guidance on managing and bringing medication to the international games.

Resources for the Athlete Support Personnel

Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) Guide to the Code 2021

 This material highlights the necessary information for athlete support personnel in guiding athletes into anti-doping behaviors as well as implementing anti-doping compliance measures in their own team and community.

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